6 reasons why you should hold Ginero token (GIN)

6 reasons why you should hold Ginero token (GIN)

Ginero.io is the new P2P Digital Asset Exchange platform - built and developed by the team behind the successful first-generation products such as BitcoinVN. Ginero token (GIN) is released for the purpose of serving users’ benefits and community support. Listed below are several reasons to hold GIN

1. Trade GIN as a digital asset

Besides common coins listed on Ginero, users can buy / sell GIN with VND on the Ginero exchange. In time, GIN will be allowed to be withdrawn from the exchange based on Blockchain technology.

The exchange won’t be limited to just Ginero, but also other exchange platforms.

2. Hold GIN to reduce trading fee

Apart from concerns such as security, transparency and trading platform selection, trading fee is also one of the things traders always consider. At Ginero, we will have a special discounts on trading fee based on the number of GIN you are holding. The amount of GIN being held will result in more advantageous trading fees, this fee structure will be applied to all coins listed on Ginero.

Click here to find more about promotion on fee trading.

3. Hold GIN to earn passive income from Affiliate Program

Skills in online marketing will earn you extra income. Acquiring GIN can upgrade your personal Ginero Whalemarker rank in order to increase your affiliate earnings.

By sharing your personalized Affiliate Link with your friends, followers and trader colleagues in your social circle, you’ll be able to earn an ongoing stream of passive income. Every time they execute a trade on Ginero through your link → You’ll get paid.

benefits when you hold GIN

You can recieve commision up to 50%, depending on the amount of GIN you are holding.

For details about our commission program, please click here.

4. Use GIN to join Airdrop & Bounty programs by Ginero

In the near future, Ginero will expand cooperation with prestigious partners and list more coins/ tokens on the exchange. Furthermore, Ginero and its partners will organize several airdrops and bounties for users on a monthly basis. Being a majority GIN holder will get you prioritized in these promotions.

5. Use GIN to join Gineros Lucky Draw

Besides the attractive programs explained above, Ginero will organize many exciting activities, such as Lucky Draw where only GIN holders will be able to participate. The Lucky Draw will be held regularly on Ginero and users will be notified in advance via channels like Telegram and Facebook.

6. Use GIN to vote for listing on Ginero

Holding GIN will earn you influence in Gineros community. The more GIN you hold, the bigger the vote you’ll have on selecting the next cryptocurrency to be traded on Ginero.

Final conclusion

Several incentives are offered to first movers of the GIN token. We are working to provide GIN holders with even more benefits in the future.

GIN can be bought through Ginero using the following link.

For further guidance on how to buy GIN - check out our instructions.

Best of luck!

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