Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork on November 15

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  • Nov 14, 2018, 4:31:00 PM
Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork on November 15

On November 15 at around 11:40pm (Hanoi time) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will perform a scheduled protocol upgrade via hard fork. This upgrade is more contentious than previous ones, which may result in multiple viable chains after the fork.

Ginero initially plans to exclusively support the Bitcoin ABC chain. Assets of any alternative chain (e.g. Bitcoin SV) cannot be deposited, withdrawn or traded on our exchange. However we will take a snapshot of all BCH balances at the time of the fork, and we might introduce Bitcoin SV (BSV) trading pairs in the future taking previous BCH balances into account.

Deposits and withdrawals

All Bitcoin Cash deposits and withdrawals will stop being processed two hours prior to the fork. Make sure to perform all deposits and withdrawals safely ahead of this time. At this time we are unable to predict when BCH operations can be safely resumed.


Buying and selling Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on Ginero will not be affected by the hard fork.

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