Commission fee up to 50% for people who introduce Ginero

Commission fee up to 50% for people who introduce Ginero

Today we will present you how the Affiliate scheme on the Ginero P2P Marketplace is allowing you to earn a passive income and what role the GIN token plays in this context.

Ginero — a product originally conceived by Team Bitcoin Vietnam — understanding the importance the support by our community of users and followers plays has implemented a very generous Affiliate scheme which allows you to get rewarded plentiful for your contributions to grow the Ginero platform.

If you log into your Ginero account, you can find your personalized Affiliate Link here. 

By sharing your personalized Affiliate Link with your friends, followers and Trader colleagues in your social circles you will be able to earn an ongoing stream of passive income. Every time they execute a trade on Ginero — you get paid. 

If you are a really skilled internet marketer it might be worth considering acquiring some GIN to upgrade your personal Ginero Whalemarker rank in order to increase your affiliate earnings. 

The more GIN you hold on your Ginero account — the higher your payout ratio will be.

commission fee

To further clarify these numbers on a concrete example: 

Let’s say you referred a few dozen users to Ginero which on average trade about 5 Bitcoin per day and you do currently not hold any GIN in your account: 

5 BTC * 30 days * 0,5% trading fee * 2.5% Affiliate fee = 0,01875 BTC * 7,000 USD = 131.25 USD per month 

So what if you hold 100 GIN, 1000 GIN or more in your account in the same formula, let take a look at the table below:

affiliate fee

Does this sound like a good side-income opportunity for you? We certainly hope it does ;)

get rich by Ginero affiliate scheme

…and of course we are paying you not only for Bitcoin trades conducted by your referrals on Ginero — but also for trades with Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and any other cryptocurrency which is supported by Ginero.  Sign-up for Ginero today and start receiving your affiliate rewards!

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