Enjoy the 0% fee trading promotion on Ginero with NextyPlatform

Enjoy the  0% fee trading promotion on Ginero with NextyPlatform

Since NextyPlatform launched Nexty Swat with total rewards up to 100,000,000 NTY (100,000 USD), many traders are excited to join this promotion. It is Ginero’s pleasure to be the strategic partner of NextyPlatform with the exclusive trading pair of NTY/VND in Vietnam.

One of the prerequisites to join the Nexty Swat is that you must deposit at least 100,000 NTY in a Nexty Swat campaign wallet (You’ll get back 100,000 NTY when it finishes). To support traders in this bounty, Ginero will give you FREE trading (no fees) when you buy/sell NTY on https://ginero.io/ until the end of December 10th, 2018.

After December 10th, 2018, the trading fee will be as usual, about 0,25% - 0,5% for takers who close orders (the trading fee will be adjusted based on the amount of GIN token you hold). It means that to buy 100,000 NTY, you should create a buy order of at least 100,500 NTY. Besides NTY, you can FREELY trade 6 trading pairs on Ginero: BTC/VND, ETH/VND, LTC/VND, BCH/VND, DASH/VND và GIN/VND until the end of 10/12/2018.

This is one of Ginero’s promotions for traders. Therefore, don’t miss this campaign. Join the bounty Nexty Swat to have a chance to get millions of NTY.

You can read full details about the bounty & total rewards here. If you don’t know how to buy/sell NTY on Ginero, please click here.

If you have any questions about Nexty Swat, please join Ginero’s telegram.

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