Ginero and NextyPlatform announce their strategic partnership

Ginero and NextyPlatform announce their strategic partnership

Ginero and NextyPlatform are pleased to announce that they have formed a strategic partnership whereby Ginero will become the official facilitator for NTY token in Vietnam. Launching the 30th November, NTY tokens will be available for exchange with VND fiat money at

Ginero is the new P2P Digital Asset Exchange platform - built and developed by the Bitcoin Vietnam team- Bitcoin Vietnam is a leading startup in the blockchain / cryptocurrency industry in Vietnam which was founded in late 2013.

Ginero will not only broaden the current offerings to convert traditional currencies into Digital Assets - due to its decentralized fund transfer mechanism it will also serve as integral part of future products by the team in order to reduce single points of failure which threaten the functionality of more conventional Digital Asset exchanges.

Nexty, with its features: Zero Transfer Fees & Instant Transfer with high scalibity: 1800 TPs, 2s/transaction, is a Fintech ecosystem which helps ecommerce and technology startups to raise funds from community. Current blockchains cannot give a stable or even free transfer fees and time for transfer is depends on numbers of transactions. Therefore, they cannot be a blockchain for daily transaction. We start Nexty 11 months ago, have done basic feature: Instant transfer & zero transfer fees. Nexty is Ethereum based but a standalone blockchain with many modification.

Both parties expect that the close collaboration between Ginero with its firm understanding and foothold in the domestic market and Nexty Platform which is lead by an impressive team with extended expertise in Blockchain industry will help to contribute to the further maturation of the Vietnamese market in order to keep up with the impressive developments in other nations in the greater Southeast Asian area.

During the first stage of this new established partnership, traders who are located in Vietnam will be able to buy NTY token with VND via Ginero platform with personal support, low fees, fast settlement and deep liquidity.  Moreover, in order to support the Vietnamese trader of Ginero platform, to expand Nexty community and spread Nexty value & potential to millions of new investors, Ginero & Nexty Platform would like to introduce Nexty Swat program with the total reward goes up to 100,000,000 NTY! In addition to this reward, Nexty Swat participants also have opportunities to earn another hundreds of millions NTY from Pool Reward. This program will be taken place from the 30th November, 2018.   

About Ginero 

Ginero is Vietnam’s newest, and aims to be the most innovative P2P marketplace. At Ginero, we plan to provide people the best platform to trade cryptocurrencies in Vietnam, easy to use- with as little prior knowledge is needed as possible. Ginero has no direct dependence on banking institutions, and is therefore resilient in regard to possible regulatory changes which might inhibit direct banking access for cryptocurrency exchanges.   

Currently, Ginero offer 6 most popular crypto/ VND trading pairs as such as BTC/VND , ETH/VNDDASH/VNDBCH/VNDLTC/VND and GIN/VND pair. Our efforts do not just stop there we are planning to open up for regular public voting process of which cryptocurrency/token will be added to the GINERO platform.   

Moreover, Ginero combines a competitive fee structure- 0.5% taker only with a very advanced affiliate program which allows our platform users to participate in the success of GINERO and earn a significant side-income by doing so.  GINERO is leading by the industry veterans of the founding team of BitcoinVN, who established back in 2014 Vietnam’s first ever Digital Asset Exchange and grew the company without taking any outside investments and despite a challenging market environment over the years to a respectable size.

About NextyPlatform  

A future of payment would be completely different from the traditional one. Future payment refers to when people can make any purchase without cash, anywhere, at any time and without any transaction fees. There are lot of growing cryptocurrencies that help to build such payment method, but none of them have completed so far. With foresee as a mean of future payment, Nexty shall support businesses of all sizes and scopes to overcome barriers of trading, to make the future possible, Nexty is having three deciding factors:  Instant Transfer; Zero Transfer Fees; Price Stabilization System. 

To learn more about this collaboration, please contact: 

Ginero contact details: 

Dominik Weil, Co - founder & COO 

[email protected]

Nexty Platform contact details:

Thanh Dao- Co-founder and CTO

[email protected]

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