Nexty Platform is launching a bounty with total reward up to 100,000,000 NTY. Join now!

Nexty Platform is launching a bounty with total reward up to 100,000,000 NTY. Join now!

Receive millions of NTY token to your wallet through the bounty of NextyPlatform!

As we announced, NTY token of NextyPlatform - the next strategic partner of Ginero - will be listed on in the end of 11/2018.

With only 3 steps trader can now buy/sell NTY with VND fast and easily on Ginero:

Step 1: Sign in

Step 2: Create a buy/sell order with NTY with VND

Step 3: Pay for your order (buy) or confirm you have received the payment (sell).

Simple, right?

In order to support Ginero users and expanding NextyPlatform community in Vietnam, Ginero and NextyPlatform will launch Nexty Swat campaign with total reward up to 100,000,000 NTY. Timeline and how to join in the Nexty Swat campaign:

Starting date: 30/11/2018

Rewarding time: 30 days from the campaign starting date. It means that 100,000 NTY which you have deposited will be temporarily locked during those 30 days.

Mission 1 — Swat rewards: Up to 100,000,000 NTY


  • 1st prize: 30,000,000 NTY for 1 winner
  • 2nd prize: 19,000,000 NTY for 1 winner
  • 3rd prize: 10,000,000 NTY for 1 winner
  • Rank 4–10: 21,000,000 NTY for 7 winners
  • Rank 11–30: 10,000,000 NTY for 20 winners
  • Rank 31–60: 6,000,000 NTY for 30 winners
  • Rank 61–100: 4,000,000 NTY for 40 winners

→ Total: 100,000,000 NTY

Mission instruction

Step 1: Join Nexty Swat group and Nexty official group 

Step 2: Deposit at least 100,000 NTY on Nexty Swat wallet.  Deposit instruction:

#Step 1: Buy 100,000 NTY with VND on

#Step2: Withdraw 100,000 NTY from to your Nexty wallet (available on itunes store, Play store).   

#Step 3:  Start a private conversation with the Bot: @NextyBotQA_bot 

#Step 4: Enter the command /deposit to get a QR code from the Bot. It’s also the address that you need to deposit 100,000NTY to.

Step 3: Comment about Nexty on Twitter, Bitcointalk, reddit, steemit. 

Step 4: Submit valid link in Nexty Swat group 

Step 5: Admins give thumbs-up for valid links. Thumbs-up will be recorded by Nexty Bot.


In order to join Nexty Swat, participants must deposit at least 100,000 NTY .The deposit will be locked for 1 month and will be refunded when Nexty Swat program of that month ends Participants must have accounts on other Social network sites.

Mission 2— Pool Rewards: Up to thousands of millions NTY

How to join: 

Invite your friends to join telegram group of Nexty   

Ask your friend to deposit at least 100,000 NTY on “Nexty Swat” campaign wallet 


Participants have already joint Swat reward Mission above and already get 10 thumbs-up from admins.

To know further information about bounty activities and rewards, please click the link:

Ginero and NextyPlatform

What will Ginero support for this bounty? 

The prerequisite to join this event on 30/11/2018 is that you will need to deposit at least 100,000NTY on “Nexty Swat” campaign wallet.

If you haven’t had the amount of coin as ordered,please access to to buy right now (Note: trading pair NTY/VND will open when the campaign begins on 30/11/2018).

For this event, Ginero will accompany with you by offer free trading until 10/12/2018, you can take part in bounty without paying a cent. Moreover, Ginero team will support you 24/7, so it you have any questions, feel free to contact us via our Vietnamese telegram channel.

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